The World Power in Anchoring Systems

Muir has been the dominant force in Australian anchor windlass technology since
1968, and by industry standards are now recognised as a leader and innovator
for anchoring systems worldwide.

A source for complete anchoring and
docking system packages, Muir design and manufacture the most extensive range
of anchor windlasses and equipment available on the world market.

W ith over a century of experience in
anchor windlass technology, Muir technicians and engineers have designed and
developed a superior range of pleasure craft windlasses and products that
meet the requirements of the most discerning clients and their vessels.

A Muir Anchoring System is an investment
in security and peace of mind.


Exploiting the most advanced technologies,
Muir has designed and pioneered systems to suit the luxury mega yacht, pleasure
craft and commercial vessels markets.

Muir have not only perfected the rope-chain
combination windlass but triumphed in development of the Rope Chain Management
System for smooth rope-chain transition. They have advanced the windlass ratchet
system for controlled manual override, and integrated complete units with
swivel chain pipes onto one single base.

High performance products require modern
methods in design, engineering and manufacturing. Computer aided design and
manufacture (CAD/CAM) play a fundamental role as does the comprehensive research
and development program.

Continual investment in state-of-the-art
CNC lathes, machinery and equipment, use of forgings and gravity dies and
the latest in modern machining methods ensure a high degree of precision and
a technically sophisticated anchor windlass.


windlasses and anchoring systems are used extensively throughout Australia,
North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, The Middle East, Asia and the
Pacific. They rest proudly on the deck of many of the world’s production-built
vessels, some the most well respected and largest yachts in the world.

Success has come from the commitment
to work closely with naval architects, designers, builders and owners in the
design of anchoring systems that are truly dependable, and to meet the varied
and often unique requirements of operators and their vessels. An extremely
dedicated workforce and new warehousing facilities, together with an

extensive and expanding distributor and service network, provide the global
support required by the demanding marine industry.

Going to sea with a Muir means going
to sea with confidence.


Muir’s sole commitment and dedication
to the anchor windlass industry has earned them an enviable reputation as
a manufacturer of the highest quality products. Safety, seaworthiness, performance
and reliability are never compromised.

Striving to constantly maintain and improve
their quality standards, Muir is accredited with ISO 9001 certification which
reflects the stringent procedures applied to every windlass and anchoring
system built. Disciplined quality control is maintained throughout every The
World Power in Anchoring Systems

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