Capilano Helms and Cylinders are engineered and manufactured for heavy duty marine usage, and are suitable for commercial, work boat and pleaseure boat applications. Capilano Hydraulic Steering has been designed to meet ABS, Lloyds and DNV specifications.

For all Pleasure and Work Boat applications 38ft. (11.5m) and smaller with some exceptions, please refer to our SeaStar range of Inboard Steering Systems.


This selection guide is designed to assist in selecting a Capilano Steering System. Teleflex (Canada) Limited cannot anticipate all the variables in boat-rudder design that affect steering loads. If the required information is not available, e-mail the Technical Service Department with rudder dimensions, vessel size and anticipated maximum vessel speed.

Maximum Output Torque
Approx. Vessel Size
Helm Pump Model Steering Wheel Turns Cylinder Model Required
(Hull Length Up To)
LB.IN. (Kg M) Planing Displacement Min. Max. Fixed
6,548 8,795 12,134 12,134 14,766 19,900 19,902 26,322 28,890 39,162
(75) (100) (140) (140) (170) (230) (230) (300) (332) (450)
35′ 40′ 50′ 50′ 50′ 55′ 55′ 60′ -a- -a-
(11m) (12m) (15m) (15m) (15m) (17m) (17m) (18m) -a- -a-
30′ 38′ 45′ 45′ 45′ 50′ 50′ 55′ -a- -a-
(9m) (11.5m) (14m) (14m) (14m) (15m) (15m) (17m) -a- -a-
1250V 1250V 1250V 1275V 1275V 1275V 1275V 1275V 1350 1350
3.0 4.0 5.5 3.5 4.0 5.5 5.5 7.5 n/a n/a
6 8 11 7 8 11 11 15 n/a n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 5.5 7.5
BA 150-7TM BA 175-7TM BA 200-7TM BA 200-7TM 2 x BA 150-7TM BA 200-11TM 2 x BA 175-7TM 2 x BA 200-7TM BA 175-11TM BA 200-11TM

a) Consult Manufacturer for hull lengths.



  • Regular duty aluminum cylinders.
  • Heavy duty brass cylinders.
  • Easy installation for single and dual rudder vessels.
  • Cylinders supplied with bleeder fittings.
  • Two axis articulation.
  • Easy autopilot interface.
Proper cylinder installation is the key to the successful operation of the hydraulic steering system. An incorrectly installed cylinder is subject to rapid seal and bearing wear and non-repairable damage. An imaginary line drawn through the tiller arm hole at both hard over positions will create the cylinder centre line. With tiller arm at hard over positions, angle X and Y should be the same. Select the diagram and dimensional data that corresponds with your cylinder model. Not all possible cylinder mounting configurations are shown, however, all necessary dimensions are shown regardless of mounting configurations.
CAPILANO HELM PUMPS 1250V, 1275V & 1350

A unique variable displacement feature on the 1250V and 1275V helms allows the helms-person to adjust the amount of steering wheel turns to their preference within a predetermined range. The 1350 helm is a fixed displacement pump.

1250V & 1275V Helm Pumps
1350 Helm Pump

The use of seamless soft annealed refrigeration copper tubing, type L is recommended. If flexible hose is required, use hose that has a minimum operating pressure of 1000PSI, a burst pressure of 5000PSI and the lowest available expansion factor. The 1250V requires the use of 1/2″ OD copper tube while the 1275V requires the use of 5/8″ OD copper tube. The 1350 Helm Pump requires the use of 3/4″ OD copper tube.

Cylinder Hoses

Steering systems installed with copper tubing require short pieces of flexible hose to accommodate slight cylinder movement. Hoses are supplied with 1/2″ swivel flare nuts on each end. Hoses are sold as a pair for single cylinder applications and separately for the variables of twin cylinder installations.

Part No. Description
The following hoses are for single cylinder applications.
HA5731 Cylinder Hose Kit, inc. two hoses 18″ (0.45m) long.
The following hoses are for twin cylinder applications, select four hoses as required.
HA5732 HA5733 HA5734 HA5735 HA5736 HA0733 HA0734 Cylinder Hose, (one) 2′ (0.6m) long, 1250V & 1275V. Cylinder Hose, (one) 3′ (0.9m) long, 1250V & 1275V. Cylinder Hose, (one) 4′ (1.2m) long, 1250V & 1275V. Cylinder Hose, (one) 5′ (1.5m) long, 1250V & 1275V. Cylinder Hose, (one) 6′ (1.8m) long, 1250V & 1275V. Cylinder Hose & Manifold, (Four) 2′ (0.6m) long, 1350V. Cylinder Hose & Manifold, (Two) 2’8″ (0.8m) and (Two) 3’7″ (1.07m) long, 1350V.

Fitting Kits Single steering station and additional steering station S.A.E. flare tube fitting kits are available for use with 1/2″ O.D. and 5/8″ O.D. copper tubing.

Part No. Description
HF5590 HF5591 HF5592 HF5593 Fitting Kit, single station, 1/2″ copper tube. Fitting Kit, additional station, 1/2″ copper tube. Fitting Kit, single station, 5/8″ copper tube. Fitting Kit, additional station, 5/8″ copper tube.

Fill and Vent Plug Kit

This kit will facilitate filling and purging of the steering system at a more convenient and accessible area than the helm pump. A through dash fitting, complete with a waterproof vent plug, 18″ (0.45m) long vinyl tube and elbow fittings are supplied with this kit

Part No. Description
HA5450 Fill and Vent Plug Kit

Please refer to our Supplement Instructions. These are available in downloadable PDF format.


HELM PUMP 1250V 1275V 1350
DISPLACEMENT – 3.4 – 5.4 8
(27.8 cc – 55.7cc) (44.2 cc – 88.4cc) (131 cc)
RELIEF VALVE 1000 PSI – (70 Bar) 1000 PSI – (70 Bar) 1000 PSI – (70 Bar)
PORTS 3/8″ NPT 3/8″ NPT 1/2″ NPT
MINIMUM DIAMETER 20″ (500mm) 26″ (660mm) 30″ (760mm)
MAXIMUM DIAMETER 36″ (941mm) 36″ (941mm) 48″ (1220mm)
HELM PUMP SHAFT 1250V & 1275V 1350
3/4″ Standard Taper 1″ per ft. 5/8″ NF threads 3/16″ Key 1-1/4″ (317mm) dia. Straight 3/16″ Key
Cylinder Model Stroke Volume Torque @ 1000psi- 70 bar @35 degrees
BA 150-7 models BA 175-7 models BA 200-7 models BA 200-11 models 2X 150-7 models 2X 175-7 models 2X 200-7 models 7″-178 mm 7″-178 mm 7″-178 mm 11″-279 mm 7″-178 mm 7″-178 mm 7″-178 mm 10.2 (167cc) 13.7 (225cc) 18.9 (310cc) 29.7 (486cc) 23.0 (377cc) 31.0 (508cc) 41.0 (672cc) 7117 in/lbs (81 Kg) 9569 in/lbs (110 Kg) 13200 in/lbs (151 Kg) 19900 in/lbs (228 Kg) 15800 in/lbs (181 Kg) 21400 in/lbs (245 Kg) 28700 in/lbs (329 Kg)