Fishing Boats Unlimited has been building custom aluminum and stainless steel Half Towers for boats up to 65’ since 1975. The advantage of having a Half Tower serves several purposes. On smaller boats up to 30’ it gives owners an alternative to have a solid structure to mount all of his antennas, electronics, fishing rods and lights as opposed to a flimsy bimini top. It also adds a solid hand hold for people to walk safely to the bow of the boat. In addition, it also provides a mounting point for the owners to add an izing glass enclosure protecting the passengers from the harsh environment. Fishing Boats Unlimited offers the Half Tower in two configurations; Canvas Top or one of our custom fiber glass Hard Tops.

The most popular item we manufacture is the half tower. Its many advantages allows you to mount your fishing gear, electronics, lights, outriggers and antennas out of your way. The fiberglass electronics box protects your electronics from the elements instead of allowing them to get wet mounted on the dash.

Unlike the Bimini canvas top, the half tower gives you something sturdy to hang on while walking around the boat.

Rocket Launchers All Holes Pre Drilled
Tube Style Lockable Electronic Box
Tulip Style Small
Outrigger Mounts Large
Extra Antenna Mounts Weblon Canvas
Radar Mount Single Loop
Dome Light Mount Double Loop
Light Stinger
ADF Stinger