Anchor Windlasses have long been the standard of excellence all around the
world. For three generations, one family has run this business with a determined
focus: to design and manufacture superior windlasses

Today, Lofrans produces more windlasses
than any other manufacturer. Their reputation for quality, reliability and
customer service have made Lofrans windlasses popular with yacht owners everywhere.

Lofrans windlasses are built to give
you complete satisfaction over the long haul.

Windlasses Have What It Takes.

Making anchoring easy takes hard work
– by your windlass.

So, it’s important that this piece
of equipment has what it takes in solid construction and exceptional engineering.

Here’s what Lofrans does:

Lofrans uses purpose-built (for maritime
exposure), series-wound electric motors – for higher power ratings,
faster retrieval speeds, easy servicing, greater dependability and longer
lasting service.

Lofrans’ worm drives and main shafts
are made of high-torque stainless steel (38NCD4); gears and clutch cones are
bronze (UNI5274). Chain wheels are nickel-plated bronze – where competitors
use less durable aluminum, even plastic!

unique aluminum collar design (most competitors’ are steel) won’t
bind or corrode over years in a saltwater environment. And many of our components
are hot forged, a more costly method to achieve higher strength (from a more
compact molecular structure) and better surface condition.

Lofrans is the only manufacturer to offer
thru-deck windlasses with double seals to keep water out and double bearings
to ensure a lifetime of reliable operation. Our vertical windlass gearbox
assemblies have a multi-position mounting arrangement, allowing the
motor to be oriented in virtually any direction below deck.

concerns drive us to offer manual override. Experience leads us to combination
wheels which securely hold chain and positively yet kindly grip rope. And
practicality is seen in the easy way that Lofrans windlasses can be installed
and maintained.

For More Information visit http://www.lofrans.com/