Precise, instant response with
multi-station, single-lever, fingertip CONTROL.

complete control of engine speed and direction, MicroCommander is
the leader in marine propulsion control systems.

MicroCommander has been
installed on more than 40,000 single and twin-engine vessels, making
it the most requested control system in the marine industry.
Designed for yachts and commercial vessels up to 100′ with engines up
to 1,000 horsepower, MicroCommander handles the toughest maneuvering
situations with ease. A single lever controls both clutch and throttle
for each engine

Engineering so advanced…
looks easy.

  • Single-lever control
  • Five-station capability
  • Easy station transfer
  • Start interlock to
  • Two idle speeds (high
    and low)
  • Warm up mode
  • Built-in speed/shift
    sequence protection
  • External alarm interface
  • Reduction gear oil
    pressure interlock
  • Audible and visual
  • Three-year warranty
  • Worldwide sales and
    service support

requires little maintenance and is easy to install, in new vessels
or as retrofit equipment on existing vessels.

MicroCommander’s reliability
has been tested-on more than 40,000 yachts and commercial vessels.


Options Features

  • Variety of control head options
  • Hand-held remote
  • Automatic power selector
  • Engine synchronization
  • Trolling valve control

Head Options
With up to five control stations available, MicroCommander puts you
in full command…from the cockpit, bridge, bow or stern.Each MicroCommander control system includes one control head with one
or two levers to control single or twin engines. Up to four additional
control heads can be installed. Station transfer buttons make switching
control from one station to another easy.

Hand-held Remote

Use our hand-held remote to move about freely without relinquishing

Use any of the five stations available with MicroCommander for our pluggable
hand-held remote and you multiply your options. This easy-to-use unit
offers all the standard functions of our fixed stations, including emergency
engine shutdown, built-in transfer buttons, and bow and stern thruster
control. Comes with 25′ of flexible cable for walkabout operation.

Automatic Power Selector

Our automatic power selector, available with every MicroCommander system,
automatically switches from one DC power source to another, giving you
a secondary power supply when needed and keeping you in control. Operational
with multi-voltage batteries.

Engine Synchronization

Twin engine synchronization, optional with MicroCommander systems, reduces
noise and vibration and increases operating efficiency by reducing fuel
consumption. Synchronization can be turned on and off at will by depressing
the transfer button on the MicroCommander control head.

Trolling Valve Actuator

MicroCommander’s optional trolling actuator controls clutch slip while
reducing vessel operation to slow speed. A full range of speeds is available
from the same control lever without added switches.


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