Shown here dual Top mount with Trim and Single
top mount without trim

Also available in side mount

Dual Top Mount

Single Top Mount

Gold Tone

controlling your boat effortless.

Simple to Operate Reliable Responsive Stylish

Whether you are purchasing a new boat or repowering
a classic, let our electronic controls put your boating experience on
a whole new level.

Our controls provide easy,
effortless handling with your safety in mind. Key features in
our conrols include:

  • Reliability and Responsiveness

    • Critical Component Redundancy
    • Redundant power connection
    • Mechanical Actuation Back-up
    • No Shift Delays, immediate response
  • Outstanding Performance
    • Full Powertrain Synchronization
    • Programmable Shift and Throttle Curves
      depending on engine and boat type
    • Split -range throttle
  • Extraodinary Touch and Feel

    • Set the feel of your control
      lever with easy external drag and external detent adjustments
      -from light to firm – according to your driving preference
    • Comfortable, ergonomic styling
  • Flexibility
    • Install on Single or Dual Station
    • Install on Single, Dual or Triple
      Engine Applications
    • Available Jet
      Drive Application
    • Expand
      your system when you want with Plug-n-Play technology for
      engine monitoring, additionl display systems, navigation or
      any manufacturers’ accessories certified NMEA 2000 compliant.
  • Security
    • Station Select
    • Optional Station Protection
    • All control heads are splash proof.
      Wash down the console with no worries.
  • Diagnostics Log
    • Non-erasable runtime log
    • 100 event rotating buffer- logs the
      last 100 error events in the system
  • Unique styling
Single Top Mount Control
(shown without trim)

Dual Top Mount Control
(shown with trim)

Side Mount Control
(with trim)

Get your boat into CANbus

Configure the look and system
function for your boat.



Upgrade, refurbish, or have your next new
boat outfitted with electronic controls.Take a look at what you’re



  • Easy handling electronic controls will operate traditionally
    actuated engines
  • Engine Synchronization
  • Classic Styling
  • Up to four stations
  • Remote control option available
  • Easy installation

KE-4 Single Top Mount (Shift)

KE-4 Dual Top Mount (Shift & Throttle)


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