Air Conditioning Systems for Pleasure BoatsWhatever type of boat you own, you deserve the unbeatable comfort and luxury of a Cruisair climate system. Cruisair was a pioneer of air conditioning systems for pleasure boats in the 1960’s and now, as part of Dometic Group, the Cruisair brand continues to represent innovative new products in the marketplace.

Dometic offers a range of Cruisair products from small self-contained units to split-gas systems to multi-ton tempered-water systems. Cruisair systems ensure a comfortable climate onboard all year round, while guarding against mold formation.



Marine Air Air Conditioning Systems
Air Conditioning Systems for Boats of All Sizes

Ideal for boats of all sizes, Marine Air climate systems from Dometic give that “large boat” feeling of comfort and luxury. Marine Air started building air conditioning systems for boats in 1977, and thousands of pleasure boats throughout the world are equipped with Marine Air Systems.

Dometic offers the complete line of Marine Air products, from compact DX self-contained units to DX split systems to multi-ton chilled water systems for superyachts and large vessels. Marine Air air conditioning systems ensure a comfortable onboard climate year round.




Refrigeration Solutions
for Boating Enthusiasts

Dometic marine refrigerators and freezers have won an unparalleled reputation for long-lasting performance in the demanding boating environment. That’s why Dometic products are specified as standard factory equipment by leading U.S. boatbuilders and sold through quality dealers nationwide.

Dometic offers several rugged yet attractive built-in refrigeration options. Luxury meets performance in our award-winning CR series of premium refrigerators with freezer compartments. The RS series refrigerator and freezer, and the RPF-50SS full-size freezer provide sturdy and dependable refrigeration and freezing. Our space-saving options include the CB series of top-loading refrigerators/freezers and CD-030 drawer refrigerator.

For flexible convenience on land or water, the cooler-sized CF portable units function as a refrigerator or freezer, depending on the temperature you set.

For do-it-yourself refrigeration, the Adler/Barbour cooling units (100 series and 80 series) and Grunert condensers (Polarmate, Mariner, PassageMaker, and Caribbean series) provide reliable solutions.


Eskimo Ice Crushed Ice Systems
For Serious Tournament Anglers

Preferred by fishermen, crushed ice cools quickly and packs well. The Eskimo Ice machine produces ice within minutes after starting the unit, and makes up to 25 pounds (11.3 kg) of ice per hour under normal operating conditions.

Keep even the largest catches fresh with up to 600 pounds (272 kg) of crushed ice per day. Ice can be pumped to nearly any location onboard, such as a fish box, drink box, or cooler.

All Eskimo Ice systems have Smart Logic Digital Displays to monitor the ice maker and shut it off if problems are detected. The system automatically resets and restarts for certain key functions that can be triggered by extreme boat motion common in sport fishing.

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